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We’re always up to something here at the PHA… Check out our recent acquisitions, events, and other exciting news!

What’s New...


In September of 2009 our new Archivist, Erin Walsh, has begun working with us here at the PHA!  She is eager to get started working with the collection and being the new face of the PHA in the community.  She brings a background in archives and education with her to the PHA, and looks forward to her new position. Please extend your best to her in welcoming her to our organization!

PHA Welcomes Our NEW Archivist!

New Donation! October 2009


The Port Hope Legion (via Peter Bolton) has been generous enough to donate a medal and other documentation belonging to former Hope Township resident Adam Buraczewski.


Little has been discovered about Adam Buraczewski.  According to the St. Mary's burial records, he was born in Adamic, Poland on 4 Jan 1910.  He served during WWII as a member of the Polish 2nd Corps (5th Kresowa Infantry Division),  he was awarded the Monte Cassino Cross for his involment in that battle in May 1944.  Following the war he worked on Stan Sochaj's (Sockay) tobacco farm near Osaca, Ontario.  He remained there when Casimer Zuber took over the farm until his death on 25 Aug 1982.  Diane Haynes (nee Zuber), who grew up on the farm, claimed that Adam only spoke broken English, was unmarried and had no family in Canada.  He is buried in the Veterans' plot of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery.



The Monte Cassino Cross was officially instituted on 26 Jul 1944 by the Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Armed Forces.  It served as a commemorative badge awarded to soldiers of the 2nd Polish Army Corps who took part in the Battle of Monte Cassino during the campaign in Itally in May 1944.  In 1992, the cross was promoted to the rank of state decoration.


IF YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT ADAM BURACZEWSKI (or for more information on recent donations) PLEASE CONTACT US.

Adam Buraczewski’s

Monte Cassino Cross

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In the fall of 2009, the PHA began to really embrace the world of interactive (i.e. Web 2.0) technologies.  Become a fan on Facebook, or follow our “tweets” (messages) on our Twitter page (http://twitter.com/PHArchives).  Keep an eye out for more virtual exhibits and other online activities in the coming months!

Preserving Canadian Treasures Grant—Canadian Museums Association

In December 2009 the PHA applied for a grant which sole purpose was to assist smaller heritage organizations with preservation projects.  Immediately our chair noticed the grant and suggested our archivist think of a project to apply for funding.  One of our most prestigious collections remained unarranged and unorganized in the condition of donation.  The Williams Family Papers were discovered by two members on the bidding website, ebay.  After their generous support the PHA was able to purchase the papers belonging to two very influential townsfolk: John Tucker & Arthur T.H. Williams.  We were very pleased to get the news that we were receiving a Preserving Canadian Heritage Grant of over $600 from the CMA to assist with the purchase of supplies for the long-term preservation and storage of these important papers!  We wish to send them our heart-felt thank you for their financial support.  For more information on the CMA, click here.

The Williams Family Papers, acquired in Summer 2009, will be arranged and made publicly accessible thanks to the generous support of the CMA.

Photograph Collection Now Searchable!

In December 2009, the PHA and several of our loyal volunteers undertook a daunting project, to enter all of our nearly 4000 photographs into a searchable database for researchers.  Prior to that step, when searching for a photograph of “Barrett’s Terrace” for example, a researcher would have to sift through 20 binders of photocopies, now it’s a simple as typing in a subject and clicking a mouse!  More detail is still going into the descriptions, but the database is now available for searching.  The next phase of the project involves digitizing photographs and posting them online, to view our photos on Flickr, click here. And ENJOY!

“Elizabethville Shed”

PHA 2007-24-1-564


One of the images recently uploaded to our brand new Flickr photo-sharing site!


Queen Victoria Returns from the “Spa”


Earlier in Summer 2010 our portrait of Queen Victoria was sent to have some conservation work done.  Her frame was slightly damaged and had wood backing—not an ideal situation for one of the first items a visitor to the PHA sees.  We wanted the best for one of the most auspicious donations we’ve received in recent years.


On 10 Sep 2010, we received her back in gleaming order!  She is clean, bright, and complete with new frame in-fills, conservation-grade glass, and acid-free backing!  She is hung proudly behind the archivist’s desk and over-sees the reading room.  Come check her out!

Port Hope Archives
Effective December 8th, 2010 the Port Hope Archives will be changing the hours we are open to the public.  
The new hours will be as follows:
Tuesday-Friday    1:00pm-5:00pm
1st Saturday of the month   9:00am-1:00pm
(October to May)


We’ve launched the on-line component of our Let’s Make History Project!  Visit our new LMH wiki @ porthopearchives.wikispaces.com or contact us to contribute!